What Do You Need To Pay Attention To The Use Of The Binding Machine?

- Apr 08, 2018 -

The use of bookbinding machine needs to pay attention to many details. What should I pay attention to today when I take you to see the use of binding machine?

1, the power needed models must be connected to the power properly and safely, and the power plug should be immediately removed after use. Try not to use it in special circumstances, such as thunder and lightning. Pay attention to the reason that the bookbinding machine is damaged because of the power supply, so it is not guaranteed free.

2, bookbinding machine should be used in a normal office environment. It should be placed on a flat and strong desktop, usually keep clean, and avoid being exposed to moisture and sun.

3. For adjustable punching edge binding machine, attention should be paid to the match between the edge distance and the diameter of the rubber ring. Otherwise, there will be the following effect on the binding effect. In use, please master how to select the apron specifications according to the number of bound pages.

1) the rubber apron is small and the edge distance is large: the binding documents are not easy to turn over and may wrinkle.

2) large apron and short edge distance: when the file is turned over, the gap between pages is too large to affect the whole effect, and if long time flip, it is easy to drop pages.

4, the comb type binding machine should not exceed the maximum number of perforated pages allowed by the machine every time in punching. Special attention should be paid to: no more than 2 pieces once in one time and no more than 4 sheets once.

5. When using a hot thaw binding machine, it is necessary to put the document in order in the cover, otherwise the binding documents will be uneven. After the cover is heated, it is necessary to fix the hot glue a little by hand, so that the binding text is orderly and tangible. The strip can turn over after cooling and solidifying.

6, when using the hot-melt bookbinding machine, pay attention to the high temperature inside the machine, and guard against scalding. Pay special attention to children.

7, the staple binding materials should be selected for all kinds of binding machines, such as aprons, hot melt envelopes, etc., so as to ensure the quality of binding, so as not to damage the machine.

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