What Are The Factors That Determine The Quality Of Stainless Steel Pipe?

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Stainless steel pipe manufacturers so much, why each manufacturer produced a stainless steel pipe quality so much difference? In addition to the raw materials of the product and the raw materials of the product, it also has a great relationship with the operating technicians, the performance of the machine, and the production process. Hangzhou Hongyi stainless steel pipe introduces to you the five major factors that determine the quality of stainless steel pipe:

1, raw materials

The quality of raw materials for stainless steel pipes in the market is now mixed. There are refining furnaces and intermediate frequency furnaces. Different raw materials create different qualities.

2, the quality of rolling plant

The surface of raw materials made by a good rolling mill is neat, bright, moderately soft and hard, and plays an important role in the quality of stainless steel pipes.

3, production process requirements

Each stainless steel pipe factory has different requirements for quality, and the production process is different. Some manufacturers with strict requirements have high quality requirements. For example, the outer diameter tolerance of the round pipe is required to be ±0.1mm, and there is also a requirement of ±0.3mm. The square pipe has a diagonal tolerance of ±0.15mm and a requirement of ±0.4mm.

4. Staff's responsibility

The degree of automation in the stainless steel tube industry is relatively low and depends largely on manual operations. Therefore, a responsible employee will have a better quality stainless steel tube than a poorly staffed stainless steel tube. a lot of.

5, the quality of auxiliary materials

The brightness of a polished stainless steel tube is affected by the quality of the polished material, and the tube that is thrown out by a good polishing material shines brightly. Poorly polished materials thrown out of the tube yellow and white.

The above are the five important factors affecting the quality of stainless steel tubes in the production process.

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