Pipe Fittings Are Necessary Processing Methods For Raw Materials

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Pipe fittings are necessary raw materials and processing methods, but a large number of pipes can be applied as long as machining methods. Why foreign development so fast, I think there are two significant advantages: first, it can replace parts of machined finished products, more than parts processing, casting, forging, light weight, structure part of the material; two is the mechanical processing products, saving process, working time, low part of the cost.

Japanese material industry information describes the processing method of a truck with a connecting rod and pipe. There are more same materials used in the weight of the weight of the product is different, the processing method is 10.35 kilograms, to do this, part and tube use, save the material; 9.32 kilograms of machined pieces of 240 yen, if you use The price of the tube is 140 yen. So the block method has an advantage price, which has almost fallen by 50%. From the point of view of performance, the tube method is superior to the machining method.

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