How To Correctly Choose The Right Stainless Steel Tube

- Apr 08, 2018 -

The selection of stainless steel pipes is usually based on the use of the environment, the performance requirements of steel and related experience in the overall selection of trade-offs, in some special circumstances, the need for stainless steel pipe simulation test or coupon test, according to The final choice of experimental results.

First, to understand the conditions of stainless steel service include; temperature, medium composition, stress conditions, manufacturing processes, design life, special requirements.

Second, to see the material properties and related data, room temperature, high temperature mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, process performance, physical properties, price factors, ease of supply.

Third, look at the time experience; the operating experience of the acquaintance conditions, the on-site field wiper results, the laboratory simulation test, the results of simulated body operation.

In the above procedure, service conditions were the dominant factor in the choice of stainless steel pipe category. If the service temperature is low, ferritic stainless steel tubes and duplex stainless steel tubes should not be used. For long-term operation at 300-500°C, duplex stainless steel tubes and conventional high-chromium iron-wire stainless steel tubes should not be selected. If no magnetics are required, only austenitic stainless steel tubes can be selected; in components requiring high strength, high hardness and non-magnetic, martensitic and precipitation hardened stainless steel tubes are the only choices; in parts that require both high strength and non-magnetic properties Only austenitic precipitation hardened austenitic stainless steel tubes can be selected.

The existing stainless steel pipe material of Tong Production can meet most of the use environment and application requirements. When there are special requirements, it can only be solved in the corrosion-resistant alloy or re-study and develop new stainless steel brands, but the corresponding cost is very high.

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