What should be noticed in the production of a pipe piece

- Apr 08, 2018 -

1, it needs to be produced and tested in accordance with certain quality requirements. There is no quality problem for the steel plate of the Mengcun pipe fittings produced and used. The steel plate needs ultrasonic flaw detection and no delamination defect. The purpose of this is to guarantee good quality and performance.

2, the welding of fittings in Mengcun needs to be manufactured by certain welding standards and technologies. The full penetration weld is applied to the butt weld of the ring.

3, we should cut the strip along the rolling direction of the steel and turn it into a circular ring after bending, and make the surface of the steel pipe of Mengcun form the cylinder of the ring.

4, the connection between fittings and pipes in Mengcun is to first insert the pipe into the flange hole to the right position, then weld it up.

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