How to remove burrs from stainless steel pipe

- Apr 08, 2018 -

When the stainless steel pipe is welded, the pipe is in the molten state, and the pressing force is generated. The resulting excess metal and other chemicals accumulate in the pipe wall and are formed by stainless steel pipe burrs. Hangzhou Hongyi Stainless Steel Tube summarizes the following removal methods:


The device is equipped with a blade, and the pipe is extended into the device to form a rotation. The burr can be scraped off and the scraped burr is discharged from the hole.

Rolling method

Through repeated gravity rolling methods, the burr nature becomes thin and soft and finally achieves a removal effect.


The gas flow is introduced during welding, and the residual heat in the pipeline causes the burr oxidation to fall off by itself.


For some smaller burrs, it can be pulled out by hand without tools, but care should be taken to avoid sharp cuts.

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