How to detect the performance and quality of stainless steel pipe

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Through various tests and experiments on stainless steel pipes, the quality and performance of stainless steel pipes have basically been obtained.

1. Analytical sensitivity is high, microanalysis and trace analysis can be performed. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel tube instrument analysis relative sensitivity up to ppm, instrument analysis corrosion-resistant stainless steel tube suitable for trace and trace analysis.

2. High sensitivity to changes in content.

3. The light source has good stability and reproducibility.

4. The line emitted by the light source has no background or low background.

5. The results of the analysis do not change depending on the structure of the sample.

6. High temperature resistant Hastelloy tube simmer and exposure time is short.

7. Small damage to the specimen during the analysis. The heat-resistant Hastelloy tube was subjected to so-called microdamage or nondestructive analysis.

8. Analysis speed: Instrument analysis can complete an analysis cycle (about 1 minute) in a short time, suitable for batch analysis of stainless steel tube analysis and automatic analysis.

9. Less sample required for analysis: stainless steel tube instrument analysis is based on the analysis of steel grades, and stainless steel tubes are selected to suit the target steel. The results can be analyzed.

10. The instrument is widely used for analysis. In addition to iron-based samples, stainless steel tubes can also be used for nickel-based and chromium-based samples.

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