Classification of binding machines

- Apr 08, 2018 -

All kinds of binding machines are constantly being developed and displayed in the Chinese market, so that users can open their eyes and enjoy various fashionable styles. The main kinds are as follows: 1. The mini table is a kind of machine designed for small office or individual, also known as the secretarial machine. It belongs to the energy saving design product of human body engineering. The operation is convenient and comfortable. Operators don't need to stand up. They can punch holes and bind easily and effortfully. The shape is simple, generous, compact and easy to accept. It's a universal product. 2, full functional trimming professional binding machine is a professional binding machine designed to adapt to a large number of binding surface, flexible and convenient operation, full function fine tune, can increase and decrease the number of pages at will, a variety of colors and specifications of random selection. 3, the electronic operation hot-melt binding machine is a non hole binding machine. It dissolves the hot glue on the ridge of the heat seal through the electronic or hot plate, and the document or other files and materials are cooled and locked after the fusion of files and other materials. Electronic hot-melt binding machine is light, simple, easy to carry, all electronic constant temperature, electronic timing, buzz instructions, automatic operation, binding and speed, it is the right assistant of modern office, such as organs, scientific research units, business enterprises and so on.

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