Automatic Paper Perforator

Automatic Paper Perforator

IQ-200 Paper Perforator Operation: Fully Automatic Binding Method: One click Binding Type: Hot riveting of nylon tube by heat pressure. Binding Scope: 1-50mm Bit Diameter: 6mm/7mm Binding Speed: Punching ≤9S, Punching and Binding ≤ 30S Preheat Time: 3~4Min Voltage: 220V/50Hz Power: Min: 10W,...

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Product Details

AF50+ Paper Perforator


Punching: Automatic Perforator

Binding: Automatic Operation

Binding rivet: Nylon tube heating high temperature rivet

Position: Automatic cross laser module

Power: 220 ± 5% V 50Hz

Drill: φ6/7x50mm hollow straight drill (Optional Nagel, SPC, UCHIDA with extra charge)

Binding capacity: 400 sheets (70g/㎡)

Power consumption: non-working state P ≤ 10W; work status (max) P ≤ 400W

Speed: Punch about 9s punching and binding of about 30s

Warm-up time when start: 4min.

Table size: 440mm (length) x 200mm (width) 

Packaging dimension: 400*575*820mm

Weight: 40kg



Confetti alarm: New function of confetti alarm system, it can increase the durability meanwhile protect the whole chip-removal system.

precise temperature control: MCU is used to control the temperature accurately and reliably.

A brand new appearance: The new streamlined design reflects the highest level of appearance design in the binding domain.

User-friendly control: One-click automatic binding: drilling, feeding tube, cutting pipe, filling pipe, positioning and pressing process are all completed automatically.

Tip clear: Humanized design, indicating system clearly under the panel indicator light, the whole operation is clear, convenient and quick.

Safety assurance: Implement strict safety inspection enterprise standard, overall protection performance is more optimized.

Solid durable: The binding material is nylon, which is strong and durable after hot riveting. It will not be loose and easy to keep and search for files. At the same time to prevent moth, anti - moisture, anti - mildew, let your data have a long time keep.


“AF50+” Model fully automatic binding machine is based on the advantage of AF50 automatic binding machine, through a large number of electronic circuit and mechanical structure improvement, and design the appearance of a new upgrade product. The stability of its quality and the maturity of the product have been perfected, it is the first choice brand of voucher, bill and file binding work, mainly located in middle and high-end customers. The municipal bank branch’s and above accounting, saving, archival center, accounting center, financial system, government administration and petroleum system etc which have heavy workload.

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